Your dream is our reality.

In 1999, when I first started building and restoring cars, my vision was to design and build one-off unique cars….concepts. Over the years I found technicians that also shared my vision. We spent countless hours researching and trying different products and techniques, but many didn’t work and didn’t achieve the vision we had. Over time we had to begin looking beyond the products available in the automotive industry and found that the aviation industry had the products that produced the look we were after. Fifteen years later we are now building the concepts we sought originally.

What continues to amaze me to this day is the lack of knowledge the public has about quality restorations. Many consumers believe that the more money they pump into a restoration, the better the outcome will be. Unfortunately, that’s not always true. I have seen many six figure restorations receive only placement awards at car shows. We believe that approach, experience and attention to detail are what guarantee quality and not always price.

Here at Concepts by Fineline our passion is helping our clients reimagine their dream car and through the finest workmanship and attention to detail, bringing one-of-a-kind, unique design concepts to life. We offer award-winning custom design and complete RestoMod builds to clients across the U.S. Throughout the process we will explain the difference in great detail and will document every dime spent so you know exactly what you are paying for and what you’re getting.

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