In 1969 Ford Motor Company introduced two new Mustang models, the Mach 1 and the Grande.  The Grande was promoted as the Luxury Mustang, “it was the posh version of Ford’s pony line… intended for those who yearned for a sports car feel in spite of the suit they were wearing to work… for those who enjoyed the finer things in life”.*  As a high school senior in 1969, Naaman Greer dreamed of owning a Winter Blue Grande.  However being only 17, and with little means, it never happened.  Fast forward to October 2015, Naaman acquired a survivor Winter Blue Grande exactly as he wanted some 47 years previously.  The survivor Grande lived on the same street in Encino California until purchased by Mr. Greer. The Grande was shipped by covered carrier to Concepts by Fineline for a check up and safety inspection.  Sadly, upon arrival, the survivor Grande suffered the misfortune of being crushed at the hands of an extremely careless carrier.  The Grande was no longer a survivor.  Faced with: A) totaling the car, or B) restoring it, it was decided that the once beautiful Grande would be restored.  The restoration “evolved” from the planned partial repair to a full frame off restoration.  Blending originality, with updates for personal preferences, performance, and with additional comfort and luxury items in the Grande style.  The build was a thoughtful collaboration between Fineline and the Mr. Greer.  The completed restoration appearance features Original Winter Blue Paint with Parchment vinyl top, original style hopsack/vinyl interior.  The interior received a color change from the original 2 tone blue to all white, which included custom dyed seat belt webbing to match the rest of the interior.  It retains it’s original Faux-Walnut interior enhancements.  Front and rear power windows were added to further enhance the luxury concept.  Added to the exterior are rear deck and chin spoilers along with a functioning hood scoop, giving the Grande ram-air.  A Mach-1 style paint treatment was added to the hood in flat Wimbledon White. The original black and gold two-tone tape stripes were replaced with painted flat Wimbledon white and gold.  The original Grande design had 55 pounds of added insulation above and beyond that of other Mustang models.  The restored car received coatings of Lizard Skin sound deadening and heat insulation as the replacement.  The engine was upgraded to a 1970 built to spec 351ci; Cleveland, sporting better than 450 HP, 3.50.1 rear Axel, Hooker Headers and MagnaFlow exhaust.   Upgraded from the 14” wheels are 17″ Eleanor style wheels with Pirelli tires.  The car was named after the 1969 Kentucky Derby winner, “Majestic Prince”.   Majestic Prince received 1st place designations at the Kansas City World of Wheels in 2018 and 2019.  The original invoice for the Grande was $4,223.21.  According to the ELITE MARTI REPORT, this 1969 Mustang Grande is One of One!

*Hemmings Motor News June 2012