The Pontiac plant in Kansas City, MO manufactured this car in December of 1965. It was purchased by a young man who drove it for two years then he sold it to his younger brother who then sold it to a farmer where it sat in a barn in Cameron, MO for 15 years. It was rescued in ’86 and I bought the car in 1991.

The build sheet shows this was a standard optioned 389 four barrel, M21 wide ratio 4 speed, 3:55 posi-trac differential, power steering, power drum brakes with blue charcoal paint and parchment interior. 1966 was the last year Pontiac used blue charcoal but some may remember the color’s nickname of “gun metal” blue.


The goal of the restoration was to rebuild the car better that Pontiac had ever dreamed of manufacturing. After finding a donor car, Fineline refitted two full quarter panels and trunk floor to the car. Afterwards, they separated the chassis and mounted the body on a rotisserie for a complete detailed metal and body prep work then painted the underside of the car and engine compartment with the correct gloss of black.

Fineline then laid down a base coat and 3 clear coats with the finest automotive quality products. The results are a stock looking but award winning show car quality 1966 GTO.